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All things come of thee, O Lord; and of thine own have we given thee.
I Chronicles 29:14 

Pre-Authorized Giving Program

As an alternative to weekly offering envelopes, Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG) is a direct debit program that allows people to support their church through an automatic monthly withdrawal from their bank account.
What are the advantages of PAG?
  • Your contributions will be made regularly even if you are away on business or vacation.
  • You will not have to write a cheque or carry cash each week when you come to church, possibly saving you bank service fees.
  • The church will receive your contributions consistently, which will help pay all the bills even in the summer months if you're away.
  • After having been away, you will not be left with that burden of feeling you need to "catch up".
  • It will save time and work for those who count and register the offerings each Sunday.
  • Never again will you have the frustration of getting halfway to church and then remembering that you forgot your offering!
  • All information provided in your PAG application is confidential and not shared.
Gift Card "FundScrip" Program
Fundscrip is a program that assists St. Paul's to raise funds for their capital projects by providing a rebate to the Church when retail gift cards are obtained through the Church.  The premise is the bulk purchase of gift cards with varying denominations from many retailers covering purchases such as groceries, gasoline, clothing, home products, restaurants, appliances, books and general merchandise.  These gift cards are bought through St. Paul's for the full amount of the face-value, a percentage of which the retailer rebates to the Church via Fundscrip. The only financial expense to St. Paul's is the payment of the cost of delivery of the cards.
The gift cards are retailer specific (e.g. Esso, Loblaws, Canadian Tire) and retain their value, reduced only by purchases made using the card.  The rebate value to the Church is determined between the retailer and Fundscrip and may vary; in addition, there are monthly specials whereby several retailers will provide a higher percentage rebate to the Church during that period.
Fundscrip is an excellent method of continuing your regular purchase routine and assisting the Church at the same time; as well as providing alternative gifts as a way to say thank you, for those more in need of assistance, or those who just want to make their own choices.  
The cards are great for gifts.  Order forms available at the back of church. 
Parishioners may wish to include in funeral pre-planning to include request that donations be directed towards their church family.  Funds received are typically used for worship related items such as fair linens, Bibles, and hymn books. 
Parishioners may also wish to remember a gift to St. Paul's in their last will and testament.  Some late members' gifts have been left for specific causes; others generate interest which contributes towards the operations of our parish.

St. Paul's Church is a register charity and if you would like our charity number please contact the office.